iTechTool provides mobile communications solutions for medium and large enterprises. iTechTool delivers 2-way cell phone text messages (SMS), text to speech (IVR), pager, email, fax, and web based messages on a worldwide basis. iTechTool solutions integrate easily and seamlessly into corporate back-office environments including Customer Relationship Management, Field Service, IT and network monitoring, DBMS applications, alert and emergency management, Sales Force Automation, email, web sites, and many others.

iTechTool solutions are in use by thousands of enterprises, many among the Fortune 1000. iTechTool operates on a 24x7x365 basis with multiple high-availability data centers and NOC staff continually monitoring quality of service. The iTechTool Enterprise Gateway can deliver SMS messages to virtually any cell phone carrier in the world, with one of the broadest SMS footprints of any SMS aggregator in the world.

The iTechTool Command Center solution provides for large-scale device registration management, as well as on-call scheduling, escalation, group delivery, multiple device delivery, and other advanced features commonly needed in mobile workforces using mobile communications.

Multiple integration options including messaging middleware installed at the customer site, as well as robust internet gateways supporting a broad range of protocols including TAP, SNPP, SMTP, HTTP, web services, and others make integration with existing enterprise applications easy and seamless.

iTechTool professional services can provide highly experienced custom integration support including development of custom messaging web sites, custom application interfaces, and gateway services in order to facilitate quick and robust integration with virtually any enterprise application. iTechTool is exceptionally experienced with the complex efforts associated with worldwide 2-way SMS campaigns including establishing necessary short codes and 2-way application integration in the enterprise environment.