iTechTool's mission is to "Power the Mobile Enterprise" by providing solutions that seamlessly integrate corporate business systems with enterprise employees, clients and partners using 2-way mobile communications including cell text messaging (SMS), pagers, text to speech (IVR), fax, email and web access. Targeted business systems including Field Service, Sales Force Automation, Databases, IT and Network Monitoring, Customer Help Desk, Customer Relationship Management, general corporate communications, alerts and emergency notifications, customer news and alerts, marketing campaigns, etc.

iTechTool's team has almost two decades of experience developing enterprise paging and text messaging solutions. The companys founder and CEO, David Coelho, developed the EtherPage wireless messaging product in the early 1990's, one of the first products to provide high-capacity/high-volume paging and text messaging solutions to large enterprises. In 1999, Mr Coelho founded and was CEO of MobileSys (now called mBlox, one of the leading SMS aggregators in the US and Europe), and is a pioneer of the SMS aggregator industry in the US. Mr Coelho founded iTechTool in 2003, and in August 2004 aquired a number of products from mBlox on an exclusive basis including EtherPage, MX, Command Center, MX Proxy Gateway and various hosted applications. iTechTool now provides all service and support as well as continued enhancement and development of these products.

iTechTool is a privately held corporation located in the heart of Silicon Valley (Santa Clara County, California, USA). iTechTool is growing rapidly and has been profitable since inception. iTechTool has thousands of enterprise customers including more than half of the Fortune 1000. iTechTool provides solutions to customers on a worldwide basis.