iTechTool Command Center

iTechTool Command Center is an environment for managing mobile devices and their associated alerts and messages. Command Center allows end-users to register their devices, and then to control when and how they will receive messages. Command Center has a rich set of features including:

  • Support for a multi-company or multi-departmental environment, with strong role based permission controls to restrict features of the environment to persons who require them.
  • Device management. Device types including cell phones, pagers, fax machines, text to speech to any phone (cell or land-line), email, and IM (instant messaging). A given user can have more than one device registered. Powerful features are available for auto-confirmation that delivery to a device is working. 2-way messaging is supported.
  • Rich message feeds. Messages and alerts can be generated in a wide variety of ways including from the Command Center GUI, from back-office applications, from RSS feeds, from IM, from the Command Center email gateway, directly from other cell phones (mobile originated messages), from 2-way pagers, from IVR, and many other sources.
  • Powerful message management and control features. Messages are tracked with detailed historical analysis. Messages can be routed to a given device based on time-based schedules, on-call schedules, or rule based schemes on a per person or per group basis. Users can check the status of messages, including detailed delivery receipt information directly from the Wireless Carrier.
  • Escalation management, where a message can be sent to different sets of people based on escalation rules, and messages can be re-sent if a response is not received within a given time.
  • Broadcast groups, where a message can be delivered to multiple reciepients.
  • Subscription groups, where users can register to receive alerts.
  • Conversation groups, where users can participate in a round-table like experience.