iTechTool MX

MX is an enterprise class wireless middleware solution which supports enterprise wide delivery of 2-way wireless messages by allowing a broad range of back-office applications including CRM, Field Service, Network Monitoring, Help Desks, and hundreds of other applications to send and receive wireless alerts with cell phones (SMS/text messaging), pagers, fax machines, and text to speech (IVR). Key features of the product:

  • Enterprise class solution scalable to hundreds of thousands of devices and millions of messages per hour. Designed for mission critical enterprise wide delivery of wireless messages, MX is in use by some of the largest corporations in the world for corporate wide delivery of wireless messages.
  • Scalable without limit with multiple parallel servers which can operate in parallel for additional capacity, or redundantly in multiple locations to insure 100 percent up-time. Built-in failover features allow for zero downtime failover from one set of servers to another set of servers.
  • Extremely flexible API and client side integration allows for easy integration with legacy applications.
  • Store and forward architecture allows for "fire and forget" integration on the application side, while insuring 100 percent reliable delivery by providing for resilient delivery retry with carriers.
  • Broad range of carrier protocol support including SMPP, SNPP, TAP, ANP, IVR (text to speech), CGI, CIMD, CMPP, DTMF, HDML, ISSM, MAXI, OIS, SAS, SMGP, SMTP, UCP, WCTP, and others. MX has a proven track-record of integrating with virtually every cellular carrier and paging carrier in the world. MX is the core delivery engine used internally by iTechTool in operating the iTechTool Enterprise Gateway.
  • MX can act as a feed into the iTechTool Enterprise Gateway leveraging iTechTools direct proprietary connections to virtually every cellular, paging and landline carrier in the world.
  • Full 2-way message delivery including handling of delivery receipts, 1.7way messaging, and full 2way mobile originating messages, with delivery directly back to the back-office system. When used in connection with the iTechTool Enterprise Gateway, fully threaded 1.7way message delivery to cell phones with response re-association back to the original application generated message is possible using iTechTool patent pending technology.